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What does the Leader Board show?

Posted on 11/04/13 at 10:52

There are two Leader Boards for the Step Challenge.

All leader boards show team averages so that teams of 3 members can compete with teams of 4, 5 or 6 members. Any team on any leader board is open to Quality Assurance by our Coordinators, to ensure that activity logged is accurate and true. Any participant can be asked to detail how they achieved step counts logged. This detail may be published (but can be done anonymously if you don’t wish for your name to be shown).

If we have a query about activity logged and you or your team don’t respond to us in time for publication of a particular Leader Board, your team rank will be shown as TBC until the query is resolved.

Our two leaderboards are:

  1. The Overall Leader Board, showing all teams
  2. The Desk Leader Board, showing teams which are primarily desk based during the course of the work day.

The publication date will be shown with every Leader Board so you can see what period is covered.

The Final Leader Board will be published after the Challenge ends and Quality Assurance has been done on all of the top teams.