Smart Travel Workplaces Irish Heart Foundation Date of issue - 8th Sept 2014
8th September - 5th October 2014

Dear Walker,

Congratulations for signing up to the 2014 Pedometer Challenge!


Be sure to wear your pedometer before you head out the door between now and October 5th as every step counts!

Participants in the Pedometer Challenge include seasoned walkers, occasional walkers and new walkers, so there will be a broad range of steps logged but remember that it is a fun event and what really counts is how you meet your own goals during the four weeks.


Mostly have fun, and why not send us in your team photos and stories over the next few weeks.


Read below for more information about this week's competition (we don't want you missing out), some great spot prizes that don't all require huge numbers of steps.


Good luck to all and happy walking!

Best of luck in the Challenge,

The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team


  Pedometer Challenge
Team Photo Competition

To kick start the challenge, and to get a bit of team identity going, we are running a team photo competition. There are lots prizes for all members of the winning photo teams, and lots of team runners up prizes.


Why not be creative with your own experiences, you might even like to link it into the virtual challenge (see below).


Send your photo into



Virtual Challenge Prizes

You will recall from last week's ezine, that in week 1, we’re heading along the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, Canada.


Starting today, to be inluced in the West Coast Trail prize draw (with a prize for all winning team members), your team needs to clock up a team average of 70,000 steps!


So make sure you are counting your steps every day, and that your captain has them logged by the end of the first week!

  VAncouver Island Bear  
  A Southern Vancouver Island West Coast Trail Bear!  
Spot Prize Draw
This year The Irish Heart Foundation have donated four fabulous ’I Love Good Food’ cookbooks. The book is packed with celebrity chef recipies that are easy-to-make, affordable, healthy and delicious! (for more info on the cookbook, see

Each week we are going to raffle one of the four books. You will automatically be entered if you are a participant that has steps logged for every day of the relevant week - so make sure you are counting your steps every day, and that your captain has them logged by the end of the first week!


  'I love Good Food' Cookbook  
  'I love Good Food' Cookbook  

Researchers have recommended 10,000 steps (or approximately 5miles/8km) per day for overall good health and well-being. Calculate your average steps per day in Week 1 and aim to gradually increase that over the 4 week Challenge.


Remember to start small and aim to build up your steps bit by bit. Don't be put off if people around you are achieving huge steps, this is about you - measure your achievement against your own personal starting point, not anybody elses.


Every Little Helps, small changes like taking the stairs, getting off the bus/train a stop early, walking to the shops or on your lunch break can help you to reach your target in no time.

Q. Is the Challenge just about walking to work?

A. No – walking anywhere, anytime will count. Walking to, or part of the way to work is a great way to increase your steps and reduce your personal and environmental travel costs.

Q. Can I include other physical activity?

A.  ** NEW FOR 2014 ** – Only log what’s on your pedometer! So aerobics, running and gardening are fine – but cycling, swimming or other activities where you do not wear a pedometer are not included. This is going to level the playing field  and make for even greater competition between teams!

Q. When is the leaderboard updated?

A. The Leader Board* will be updated every week, with a mid-week update in week 2, 3 and 4. Your Team Captain will have until 2pm Wednesday 8th of October to log your team’s final step counts. The final Leader Board will be published after the Challenge Coordinator has conducted Quality Assurance of the top team scores. Please note, you can only back log steps for 10 days.


*The Leader Board shows the average number of steps walked per team member in the top ten teams taking part in the challenge.


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