Smart Travel Workplaces Travelwise Northern Ireland Date of issue - 21st July 2014
7th - 27th May 2014

Dear Cyclist,
As the summer moves on, it's a good time to recall a few highlights from the Cycle Challenge 2014! And what a fantastic Cycle Challenge it’s been, with 760 of you from 56 different organisations from across the Island of Ireland; with the inclusion of every type of cyclists with all sorts of cycling objectives:
  • 28% of you were ‘new cyclists’
  • 48% of you were already cycling to work
  • 95% of you plan to cycle to work now that the challenge is over! Keep it up!
Who were the winners?
All of you! Think about this, during the challenge 89% of you said that you were active for at least 30 minutes five or more days of the week. This compares with national averages where 75% of adults and 86% of children DO NOT MEET the relevant National Physical Activity Guidelines. The real success that every participant can feel proud of, is the very impressive levels of personal activity being achieved, and being a leading light in the battle to Get Ireland Active!
Of course the event has had some truly stand out team and individual achievers that deserve recognition. Some were recognised at the prize giving event on the 26th June 2014. Most of our prize winners were there, and the online prize winners page together with the photo gallery tell the story. The top winning teams are credited below, with more detailed information on the webpage.
Finally, since 98% of you said that you enjoyed the challenge and 93% of you said that you will do it again, we hope that together we can make it even bigger and better next year!
We hope you'll keep up the cycling, and even encourage another comrade! 
Best wishes, and well done and thank you to all of you that particpated!
The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team
  10 minute
Overall winners of Joint Smarter Travel Workplaces and Travelwise Northern Ireland Competition

Congratulations to 'Goodbye to Gridlocks' Team from Dublin City Council who were Top of the Table with a very impressive 143 points! The team members (captured in the photo above) were:


Declan French (Captain)
Brian Riddick
Fred Kiernan
James Moore
Mark McInerney
Roy O'Connor  

Winners of the Smarter Travel Workplaces Prize

Congratulations to the Smarter Travel Workplaces Les Miserables Team from Intel who were also striding high with 120 points. The team members were:


Ameera Ahmed (Captain)
Davide Giardini
Daire O'Broin
Richard Crossley
Patrizia Odierna
Richard Cruise


  Team Les Miserables, Intel  
  Patrizia Odierna, Davide Giardini, Richard Cruise, Ameera Ahmed (Team Captain), Richard Crossley, Anna Wrynn (Intel's Smarter Travel Coordinator)  
Winners of TravelWise Northern Ireland Workplace Prize

Congratulations to the TWNI Pharmacycles team from Altnagelvin Hospital, who were drawn at random from the top ten TWNI teams.  The team members were:


Scott Burnside (Captain)
Sharon McGauley
Craig Simpson
Colleen Coulter
Daniel O'Connell
Daryl Connolly


Winners of the Best Workplace Award 2014
•Best large Smarter Travel Workplace: IT Sligo
•Best small Smarter Travel Workplace: Roughan & O’Donovan
•Best TWNI Workplace: Northern Ireland Environment Agency
  Some Prize Winners  
  Prize Giving: some of the winners  
Other Prize Winners


  Máire Jones, Best New Cyclist Story  
  Prize Winner Máire Jones, Best New Cyclist Story  

Keep Logging and Watch your Savings a successful participant of the 10 Minute Cycle Challenge you can avail of the Active Travel Logger account throughout the year, so log in and continue to record your trips and watch your savings grow!


And one for the girls amongst us: we came across a very handy idea online for those of us who would like to wear a skirt more comfortably when cycling.

Q. How is the overall prize winning team decided?

A. The overall winning team is the team at the very top of the joint Smarter Travel Workplaces/Travelwise Northern Ireland leaderboard at the end of the Challenge. For information on the top prizes go to

Q. How did the top team clock up so many points?

As a Team we all encouraged each other to do our best and where reminded “Daily” by our Captain of what was at the end of the Challenge. We really enjoyed it more

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Cycle Challenge Statistics
Cycle Challenge 2013 Leaderboard
Team Name Points   Team Name   Points
1. Dublin City Council   Goodbye to Gridlocks   143
2. Dublin City Council   The Chain Gang   142
3. Roughan & O'Donovan   Spoketacular   140
4. Intel   Les Miserables   121
5. Dublin City Council   Traffic Charmers   106
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