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11 September - 8 October 2013

Dear Stepper,
It's the final few days of the Pedometer Challenge 2013, what extra efforts could you make to take steps this weekend and reach the Week 4 Team Target of 100,000 Steps? To get more out of your steps there are some tips below for Fast Walking and information about a Free Exercise Machine. There's still time to enter our spot prize competitions, email us your Story and Team Pledge to be in with a chance to Win.
Keep Those Legs Moving!
Best of Luck,
The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team
  Pedometer Challenge
It's the Race to the Finish Line!
Winners of the Week 3 Virtual Challenge

Congratulations to the following teams for reaching the Week 3 target of a team average of 90,000 steps!

  • Step Sisters, LEO Pharma
  • Waist Watchers, University Hospitals Galway

Would you like to Share your Pedometer Challenge Experience and be included in a prize draw for an iPod Shuffle and other challenge goodies? Email your story to

Please state which category you'd like to enter.

1. From Couch Potato to Active Mover!

2. My Pedometer Challenge Experience

Fast Walking - To Get Even More Benefits

To get even more benefits from walking aim to walk for at least 10 minutes at a time and Pick Up The Pace! Fast walking is excellent for your health and you get to your destination more quickly! It will also help you to clock up more steps and meet our Week 4 Challenge of 100,000 Steps (Team Average).

How to Walk Faster

  • Strike with your heel first- Your heel should hit the ground first.
  • Increase the length of your stride or imagine you are doing a fast march.
  • Maintain a good posture- Good form will help you walk faster and longer.
  • Swing your arms. Bend your arms at the elbow at a 90-degree angle and swing them toward the center of your body in a controlled manner.
  • With your spine tall, contract your stomach muscles slightly and lift them upward to support your lower back.
  Let's get moving!  
  We're finishing the Challenge on Tuesday with a team average of 100,000 steps taking us from Galway to Dublin. Is your team on board? Let's get moving!  



Take the Stairs -  it’s your free exercise machine!


Why not set yourself or your team a goal of taking the stairs as much as possible from now until the end of the challenge?

Tips for Fast Walking
  • Remember to drink plenty of water, especially if the weather is warm.
  • When you feel fitter, challenge yourself by walking on a level, uphill or on a sandy beach.
  • Choose a walking route and each time you walk it try to beat your previous time.
  • Instead of meeting for a coffee, why not plan a fast-paced walk with a friend?
  • If you miss a walk, that’s ok, remember every little helps so get out and get moving as soon as you can.
  • To prevent injuries, do stretches and warm-ups before your walks, and start slower before building up the pace - you'll find information on stretching and other tips on
Q. When will the next leaderboard go live?

A. The mid-week leaderboard will go live on Monday. We'll send you an email as soon as it's posted online.

Q. When does the Challenge finish?

A. The Challenge ends at midnight on Tuesday (8th October).

Q. What's the deadline for submitting team steps online?

A. All steps for your team must be submitted online before midnight on Friday the 11th of October. If you have difficulties logging your steps please get in touch before this time and we will ensure that your steps are recorded for the final challenge leaderboard.

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