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11 September - 8 October 2013

Dear Stepper,
Can you believe it...we're into the final week of the 2013 Pedometer Challenge! We hope you're having fun and aiming to increase your steps each week. Would you like to join us for our final jaunt from Galway to Dublin reaching a team average of 100,000 steps?
This week we have lots of prize winners - see if your name is on the list below or on our website and if not why not enter one of the final few Pedometer Challenge competitions listed in this ezine?
The Week 3 leaderboard will be live tomorrow - you'll receive an email as soon as it's posted. In the meantime why not read about how some of your fellow Steppers have been getting on!
Happy Stepping to the Finish Line :)
The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team
  Pedometer Challenge
The 'Quick' Steppers Team, Takeda Ireland at Day 14
Pedometer Challenge Quiz Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the Pedometer Challenge Quiz. The winners chosen at random are:

  • Ciara Hogan, University of Limerick
  • Kate Byrne, Telefonica
  • Michelle Flaherty, The Central Bank of Ireland
  • Marie McCarthy, ESB
  • Michael Franceschi, Apple

Congratulations! All prizes will be distributed through your company coordinator at the end of the challenge.

Who Won the mid-challenge Story Competition?

The stories have been so fantastic that we couldn't choose one winner, so we've chosen a few! We have also decided to extend this competition to give other participants the opportunity to share their pedometer challenge experiences. See below for more details. If you'd like to read some of the stories that were sent in please visit the Stepper Stories page of our website!


Congratulation to the following winners for their entertaining stories.

Edward Fitzpatrick, ESB

"Half way through and things are hottin’ up…My dog runs away when he sees me, I’m jogging on the spot at the checkout queue. I forfeit the €2 for the shopping trolley just so that I can walk it the 5km home...."Read More

Sheila Nolan, Arup
“Stepping it Down to Cork
Speedtacular is the name of our crew,
Of valiant ladies who knew..." Read More

Ballad of Na Lachain Bhacacha by Fionuala, Cork City Council

"A cat lost helped our tot
Made Ann’s steps jump a lot
Music events pepped Fionuala’s  steps
To hop her team to the top!..." Read More


Mary O'Leary, Speadreaders Team, Cork City Council

"...Festooned with red and white bunting.  We struggled on despite..." Read More


We would also like to award a Pedometer Challenge Travel Mug to The intrepid trekker Aine Kearns from the Therapy Trekker Team, University of Limerick- check out the photo of Aine on her way to breakfast in the Perhenthian Islands sporting the number one accessory for the Autumn season - her pedometer!


Did you know to date as a group we have clocked up a total of 782,354,030 steps this is the equivalent of walking approximately 592,692 kilometers! Let's see if we can reach 1,000,000,000 steps by the end of the challenge! See here for more challenge statistics.

Week 2 'virtual' Challenge Winners!
Congratulation to the winners of the Week 2 'virtual' Challenge clocking up a team average of 80,000 steps :
  • Walk on the Wild Side, Symantec
  • Trotters Independent Trekkers, Waterford Local Authorities
Week 3 virtual winners will be announced tomorrow! This week our virtual walk will take us from Galway to Dublin! So for the last week of the Challenge let's move as much as we possibly can and aim for a Week 4 Team Average of 100,000 steps.
  Week 4 'virtual' Challenge  
  How far will your team travel on the Final Challenge?  
How Can I Win a Prize this Week?
There are lots of opportunities to Win prizes this week. Complete the Week 4 Virtual Challenge and the Team Pledge and you'll be entered into 2 separate prize draws for challenge goodies!
Share Your Experience & WIN
The top individual story in each category will win an iPod shuffle. Runners up will receive challenge goodies including a Travel Mug!

The story categories are:

1. My Pedometer Challenge Experience
2. From a Couch Potato to an Active Mover!
Email your story (including the category in the subject line) to
  Would you like to Share Your Challenge Story and Win Prizes?  
Q. What are the top prizes on offer?

A. There are lots of great prizes on offer this year. Check out the prizes page of our website for more information...

Q. How are the teams at the top of the leaderboard taking so many steps?

A. Some of the teams have been clocking up huge numbers of steps. Please be assured that that we have been in touch with these teams to verify their steps. Many walk long distances to work, walk children to school, walk dogs in the evenings, walk on their lunch breaks and they do lots of walking, hopping jumping running and every other type of movement during the day and in the evenings.

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