Smart Travel Workplaces Date of issue - 27 March 2014
3 - 7 March 2014

Dear Marcher,
Congratulations you successfully completed the first ever Marchathon! 1,050 students from campuses all around Ireland got out walking and competed to win prizes. Together we burned over 800,000 calories during Marchathon! We hope you had fun and that you'll continue to find ways to fit 30 minutes into your day.
Best wishes to you and your team!
The Smarter Travel Campus Team
The Turkey's Team from Trinity College Dublin inspired by The Beatles Abbey Road!!
"There were lots of laughs, lots of steps, lots of photos and lots of memories! Walking to college was so much more fun when you know you're burning calories, getting in some fresh air and doing it all with friends! We enjoyed it so much that Marchathon is going to continue for the month!!" Louise O'Driscoll, Mary Immaculate College
"Every day we walked to and from college, and to and from lectures. On top of doing all that we even managed to convince one of our lecturers to bring the whole class for a walk on our Sli Na Slainte route around the college which clocked up about 15 minutes for each person." Edel Hardiman, Institute of Technology Sligo
  The Occupational Therapy Buzzers Team  
  The Occupational Therapy Buzzers Team from NUI Galway getting their March on!!  
Marchathon Story Competition Winners

The winners are Louise O’Driscoll from Mary Immaculate College and Fatiat Buhari from the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown.

The following Marchers are also being awarded Marchathon goodies for sharing their fantastic stories with us!

1. Ziyanda Shologu from the Institute of Technology Sligo
2. Judy Conmey from Trinity College Dublin
3. Edel Hardiman from the Institute of Technology Sligo
4. Harshitha Suresh from Dublin City University
5. Kevin Mulvany from Dublin Institute of Technology
6. Shannon Leakey from Trinity College Dublin
7. Felipe Cavallaro Leonardo from the University of Limerick
8. Sorcha Casey Ó Siochru from Trinity College Dublin
9. Nina Baker from Trinity College Dublin
10. Fan Wang from Trinity College Dublin

  Mad Scones team NUIG  
  The Mad Scones from NUI Galway...singing in the rain :)  
Team Captain Nominations Winners

The Winner of the Team Captain Nominations competition was Siobhan Cusack from the National University of Ireland Galway!


We are also awarding Marchathon goodies to the following team captains for their fantastic leadership and motivational efforts during Marchathon; Amanda Browne from the National University of Ireland Galway, Judy Conmey from Trinity College Dublin, Michelle Broderick from the National University of Ireland Galway, Grace Lavelle from Trinity College Dublin and Paul O’Connor from the Institute of Technology Sligo. Read the Team Captain Nominations here...

  The Dark Horses Team  
  The Dark Horses from NUI Galway, the long walk home...  
Team Member Nominations Winners

Fatiat Buhari from the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown is the winner of the Team Member Nominations competition. 


Marchathon goodies are also being awarded to the following team members for their exceptional effort during the Marchathon; James Daly from the University of Limerick, Darragh Murtagh from the National University of Ireland Maynooth, Gary Hall from Dublin Institute of Technology, Anita Condron from the University of Limerick, Brid Ronayne from Trinity College Dublin, Fiona Murphy, Mary Immaculate College, Louise Roche, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, Ryan Coyle from the Institute of Technology Sligo and Shannon McGrath from the University of Limerick.

Read the Team Member Nominations here...

  Trinity Gentlemen  
  The Trinity Gentlemen Team looking rather dapper!  
Evaluation Winner
Thanks to everyone who completed the online evaluation, we really appreciate your feedback. It will help us to make Marchathon 2015 even better!
The winner of the evaluation prize is Neil McEnaney from Dublin Institute of Technology.
  Biochem Team  
  The Biochem Team from IT Sligo are ready to go walking no matter what the Sligo weather throws at them!  
More prize winners...

We are also awarding Marchthon goodies to the following Marchers who completed the online evaluation:


1. James Lockwood, National University of Ireland Maynooth
2. Marlon Oliveira, Dublin City University
3. Conor Boylan, Institute of Technology Sligo
4. Emma McCabe, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
5. Keira Heffernan, University College Cork
6. Chris Richards, Limerick Institute of Technology

  HOB Team 2  
  HOB Team 2 from Mary Immaculate College after a good fast walk!! Well done ladies!  
Have you seen all the great Marchathon Photos?
We are delighted with all of the super photos that were taken during Marchathon. Thanks to everyone who posted and emailed them in!
We've included a couple of the photos in this ezine but be sure to check out all of the photos in our photo gallery.
  To be decided at a later date team, TCD  
  'To be decided at a later date' team from Trinity College Dublin  
Overall Winners & Team Pledge Winners
Congratulations to CanIrish team from the University of Limerick who won the Team Pledge Prize Draw.
The Overall Winning Team of Marchathon 2014 is the Donegal Dolls DCU Team from Dublin City University, well done Donegal Dolls!!
  Yoyo skills  
  Marchathon participants from UL showing off their yoyo skills!!  
Campus Winners
The Smarter Travel Campus with the highest percentage uptake in Marchathon 2014 was the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown. A fantastic 6% of students in ITB took part in Marchathon.
The 2014 Marchathon Best On-Campus Implementers Award goes to the Institute of Technology Sligo. The second place award for On-Campus Implementers goes to the University of Limerick.
Congratulations for all of the work you put into making Marchathon a success on your campus.
  IT Sligo teams  
  IT Sligo teams had some bonding time during their Marchathon 3-legged race!  

Move Your Body - Try to walk a little More Today than you did yesterday! Even if that just means taking the stairs - Every Little Helps!

How do I know if my team nominated me?

We received lots of fantastic nominations, check them out and see if your team nominated you and why! Huge congrats to every single person on this list and to all participants who made extra efforts to get walking during Marchathon. We hope you're all reaping the rewards and enjoying burning lots of extra calories!


The Team Captain Nominations are...

The Team Member Nominations are...

  The Incredibles Team from IT Sligo  
Here's a taster of the nominations...

"I'm nominating Katie Corrigan because wind, rain or sun she kept us motivated to walk that extra 30 mins every day and kept us from slipping back into our comfort zones!"


"Grace Lavelle was the one to introduce us to the Marchathon concept. Our new year’s resolutions have long since fallen by the wayside and we needed an excuse to get out of the office and get some fresh air. Grace was the instigator each day, setting the times, encouraging us when we got complacent and making sure we kept the pace when we were marching. We couldn't have done it without her support and encouragement as well as her lovely company for chats and banter along the way!"


  CJB Team  
  Just a regular day for the lads from the CJB team in IT Sligo!  
Q. I've won a prize, how and when will I receive it?

A. Prizes will be sent to your campus in the coming week. You will be sent an email as soon as the prizes are available for collection!

Q. Who won all of the prizes?

A. A full list of all prize winners is available on the Marchathon website.

Q. What happens now?

A. Stay in touch with us on Facebook - we'll have prizes on offer from time to time too! A student Cycle Challenge will take place in October - for new and experienced cyclists!

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