Smart Travel Workplaces Travelwise Northern Ireland Date of issue - 16th August 2013

Dear Cyclist,

Thank you to you and your team for participating in the 10 Minute Cycle Challenge 2013. This year, over 1,000 people across 55 workplaces around the island of Ireland clocked up 29,820
10-minute bike trips during the 3 week challenge!


Prize-winners came from workplaces in both the Republic and Northern Ireland, with the overall Challenge winners being ‘The JAG’s TAP Cyclepaths’ team from Eirgrid. The JAG’s TAP Cyclepaths team clocked up an average of 118 journeys each over the course of the three week Challenge. The team ‘P.J. Fenlon’ from GlaxoSmithKline picked up the Smarter Travel Workplaces top prize, and the ‘Digital Donkeys’ from Belfast City Council won the Travelwise Northern Ireland top prize.


Congratulations to all workplaces and participants!


Best wishes,

The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team

  10 minute
Prize Giving Ceremony
Who Were the Prize Winners?

This year we had a huge amount of winners throughout the 3 week Challenge. You can see the full list of winners and competition categories on our Cycle Challenge website.

We had fantastic Team Captains and Team Members join us for the Challenge this year. Many participants nominated their Team Members and Team Captains for their enthusiasm, dedication and motivation during the Challenge. The full list of nominees is available on the Cycle Challenge website (under 'week 3 winners').


Read about other Cyclists' Experiences and submit yours to


Winning Team - JAGs TAP Cycle-Paths, Eirgrid.

“We are delighted with our win and are currently looking out for a “new cyclist” for next year as a vacancy has opened up in our team!"


How did the team clock up so many trips?

"Although a sense of competition was our main...

  Winning Team - JAGs TAP Cycle-Paths, Eirgrid  
  1st Place: JAGs TAP Cycle-Paths, Eirgrid  
Best Workplace Award - Winners

Congratulations to Roughan & O'Donovan who have won the Smarter Travel Workplaces Best (small) Workplace Award for the past FOUR YEARS in a row!!


"The Cycle Challenge is a highlight in our year and we greatly look forward to more bike-based team work next year." Seamus MacGearailt, Company Director of the Transport Group, Roughan & O'Donovan.


Congratulations also to the Best (large) Smarter Travel Workplaces Award winner, Eirgrid, Best (large) Travelwise NI Workplace, Clarence Court and the Best (small) Travelwise NI Workplace, Atkins Belfast.


Case Study: Eirgrid

In an effort to encourage participation in the Challenge Eirgrid undertook an array of activities including; launching the Challenge, issuing weekly emails to all staff on the lead up to the Challenge, direct contact with employees who availed of the cycle-to-work-scheme and they held two cycle maintenance classes. These classes provided attendees with lots of great tips and they answered all of the many questions which delegates had regarding their own bicycles.


Eirgrid's Safety & Environmental Committees also supported and promoted the Challenge. The Challenge Coordinator in Eirgrid, Margaret Gallagher, found that personal contact worked really well to encourage participants and 'to match people into teams'. Eirgrid also sponsored prizes for staff and they held a prize giving event at the end of the Challenge! As with all of the winners of our Best Workplace Award it's clear to see that Eirgrid were very worthy winners.


  Best Workplace and 1st Place Winning Team, JAGs TAP Cycle-Paths, Eirgrid  
  Best Workplace and 1st Place Winning Team, JAGs TAP Cycle-Paths, Eirgrid  
Outcomes of the Challenge
Very positive results were reported as a result of the 10 Minute Cycle Challenge 2013. Cycling on the commute doubled as a result of the challenge. Almost a quarter of participants were new to the bike – which makes the trips cycled even more impressive, at 140 average trips per team!  Read the full press release on our website.

Keep Logging and Watch your Savings a successful participant of the 10 Minute Cycle Challenge you can now avail of the Active Travel Logger account throughout the year, so log in and continue to record your trips and watch your savings grow!

Q. How did the winning team 'JAGs TAP Cycle-Paths' get their name?

A.There are two people with initials JG in the team, so the team captain used his middle initial A.The A stands for Awesome!
So that’s the JAG part. The team work in the Transmission Access Planning (TAP) section in EirGrid and Cycle-Paths was an excellent pun! A simple explanation for a cryptic title!!

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