Smart Travel Workplaces Irish Heart Foundation Date of issue - 13 Sept 2013
11 September - 8 October 2013

Dear Walker,
I hope you're enjoying taking part in the Pedometer Challenge and you and your team have been managing to clock up plenty of steps over the last few days.
In this issue you'll find information on the virtual walk to Wexford, the team photo competition, some tips to help you to get ahead and some helpful FAQs.
Before the weekend starts why not send in a photo of your team and be in with a chance to win!
Have a Lovely Weekend and remember to Keep on Stepping :)
The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team
  Say Cheese!
Submit your Team Photo Now!
What does your competition look like??

We're all curious to see who we're up against in this fun team event! Send a photo of your team to and you'll be entered into a prize draw next week to win a Pedometer Challenge Travel Mug and Fleece top for every member of your team! Photos will be posted in the Gallery on our website, so this is your chance for some fame!

How far will your team get before the weekend?

Where is your team on the walk to Wexford?

Have you reached Bray - and maybe stopped by the amusements for a flutter? Maybe you're pacing it to Wicklow for a jaunt up the Sugar Loaf or about to reach Arklow for a walk along the beach OR are you ahead of the pack and joining the holidaymakers in Courtown? Remember every team that clocks up over 70,000 steps in Week 1 will be entered into a prize draw for Challenge goodies - so what are you waiting for, get those legs moving!

  Week 1 'virtual' Challenge: Dublin to Wexford  
  Week 1 'virtual' Challenge: Dublin to Wexford  

Get from A to B for Free! Walking is a fantastic way to travel not only will you have clocked up extra steps for your team you'll also arrive at your destination refreshed, destressed and filled with happy endorphines! It costs virtually nothing, all you need is a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

Top Tips to Help You Step Ahead
  • Leave the car...Walk to the shops, cafe etc.
  • Walk the dog or take the family for a walk.
  • Multi-task: clock up steps while cleaning your home!
  • Play active games with your children.
  • Swap sitting for moving!
  • Cycle or walk part or all of your journey to work.
  • Get some air, clear your head and take a stroll at lunch time.
  • Use the photocopier/printer and bathroom furthest away from your desk.
  • Take the Stairs - your FREE EXERCISE MACHINE!
  • Walk to talk instead of emailing or phoning.
  • Swap a coffee and chat for a walk and natter - you'll make your pedometer and your team very happy :)
  • Do jumping jacks at your desk
  • March on the spot when talking on the phone

If you have a tip that you'd like to share email

Q. Can I add new team members to my team?

A. Yes you can add new members to your team. To do this follow the instructions below.

Q. How do I add new members to my team

A. In order to add a member to your team, log into your account, go to ‘my personal details’, click on the green ‘Pedometer Challenge’ tab and then add the new member details into one of the member info lines that's free and click save/submit at the end of the page.

Q. When can I see how my team is ranked against others?

A. The first leaderboard will be live on Thursday 19th of September. To ensure your team is included team captains must log steps for week 1by 1pm on Wednesday. Week 1 goes from Wed 11th - Tues 17th. Read on for more leaderboard info...

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