Smart Travel Workplaces Irish Heart Foundation Date of issue - 11th Dec 2013
11 September - 8 October 2013

Dear Pedometer Challenge Participant,

This year was the biggest Pedometer Challenge yet with 4,250 participants from 56 organisations taking part. Together we took more than 1 billion steps, travelling over 900,000 km during the 4 week Challenge. The equivalent of walking around the world 2.25 times!


Thank you again for taking part in this event. We hope that you are continuing to clock up lots of steps and enjoying the unprecedented dry weather that we are having!


Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas!

Best wishes,

The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team
  Pedometer Challenge
1st Place Winners - 'Walking on the Wild Side' team, St. Vincent's University Hospital
What were the benefits of taking part?

There were lots of positive results for participants with 43% reporting walking to work during the challenge (12% prior to the challenge) and 45% planning to continue walking to work now that the challenge has ended. Interestingly, 21% of those who participated in the 2012 Pedometer Challenge and again in 2013 continued walking to work following the 2012 event.


Other benefits reported were that participants enjoyed being part of a team (70%), increased activity (65%),  increased fitness (52%),  feeling good about myself (51%) and a boost in staff morale (44%).


Thank You from The Irish Heart Foundation
Congratulations for taking part and completing the Pedometer Challenge this year and a special thanks for raising over €5,000 for the Irish Heart Foundation. Well done to Clare McCormack from Bord Gáis Networks who was chosen from a draw of participants in the top 10 teams in the final leader board. Clare will be joining us on the Irish Heart Foundation 2014 European Walk.
How about making a resolution to be more physically active in 2014 and to encourage your colleagues to join in the fun! What type of activity is best? Read more For more information and support on heart health visit
  L to R: Edel Byrne & Pheena Kenny (Irish Heart Foundation) & Clare McCormack, winner of the Irish Heart Foundation Sponsored Prize  
  L to R: Edel Byrne & Pheena Kenny (Irish Heart Foundation) & Clare McCormack, winner of the Irish Heart Foundation Sponsored Prize  
Pre-register now for the Walking Kick Start Challenge in January 2014
Join the Kick Start Challenge starting at the end January and keep up the great efforts that you made during the 2013 Pedometer Challenge! Pre-register now for our Walking Kick Start Challenge where you will take part as an individual and we will encourage you along the way with spot prizes and motivational emails! 
Keep your pedometer in a safe place for this Challenge. There are no more pedometers available for purchase. If you've lost your pedometer you can pick one up in a local sports shop or online.
  Will you take the refresher challenge?  
  Will you take the refresher challenge this January?  

Tip to keep active over the Winter....You might like to continue wearing your pedometer and logging your steps to keep track of your activity and you could consider taking part in the Kick Start Challenge! Check out some of the inspiring 'stepper stories' on our website. You will also find lots of useful information about walking related events and activities on this new website

Best Coordinator & Workplace Awards
The Best Coordinator Awards went to Irene Gilroy, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Fionnuala Ryan, The Central Bank of Ireland and Gavin Duffy, An Bord Pleanála for their outstanding work encouraging and supporting staff in their workplaces to get involved and to stay motivated throughout the Challenge.
The winners of the Best Workplace Awards were Cook Medical with 38% uptake amongst staff (Best large Workplace) and Roughan & O’ Donovan with 48% uptake (Best small Workplace).
Q. Where can I see the list of all of the winners?

A. A full list of all those who were winners during the Pedometer Challenge 2013 can be found on the following page of the website

Q. How do I collect my spot prize?

A. All spot prizes have been sent to the company contact in each workplace. If you have not yet received your prize please speak to your company contact, if you do not know who this person is please email

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