Smart Travel Workplaces Irish Heart Foundation Date of issue - 10th Oct 2013
11 September - 8 October 2013

Dear Stepper,
Thank you for taking part in the 2013 Pedometer Challenge. This year over 2,250 participants across 56 workplaces got involved! We hope that you enjoyed taking part and that you are now travelling even more on foot.
Remember that all steps must be logged online before midnight this Friday to be included in the Final Leaderboard! The leaderboard will be published before the 18th of October after a quality check on the top teams' steps has been conducted.
We are interested to hear how you found the challenge so we can improve for next year. To have your say please click here to complete our evaluation.
Congratulations once again to you and your team!
Best Wishes from The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team
  Pedometer Challenge  
Did Your Team Captain Inspire You?
From speaking with participants during the Challenge it's clear that Team Captains and Team Members made huge efforts to motivate and inspire their team and those around them to walk more!
This is your opportunity to acknowledge their efforts! Click here to Nominate your Team Captain or Team Member for a prize
There's an iPod shuffle up for grabs for the winning Team Captain and a lovely Challenge Fleece and Travel Mug for the winning Team Member.
What Impact did the Challenge have on You?

Are you walking more as a result of taking part in the challenge? Maybe your colleagues, friends and family members have been encouraged to get moving too. Did you ditch the car and traffic for a relaxing walk during the challenge? Maybe you're now fitting into those old jeans or no longer feeling out of breath when you reach the top of the stairs. Whatever your story we'd love to hear it!


There are prizes on offer for the best challenge stories…the top individual story in each category will win an iPod shuffle. Runners up will receive goodies including a Travel Mug!

The Story Categories are:
1. My Pedometer Challenge Experience
2. I'm Now an Active Mover!

Email your story (including the category in the subject line) to


  The Road Runners Team, Cork County Council  
  It looks like the Pedometer Challenge kept the Road Runners in Cork County Council on their toes! Beep Beep!  

Keep Walking and Logging... From next week you will be able to use the online Active Travel Logger on the website to track your individual activity

How can my team enter the Team Pledge Competition?
If each member of your team walked for at least 15 minutes of the journey To and From work, at least 2 days each week throughout the Challenge your team is eligible for the Team Pledge prize draw. The winning team will be awarded a Pedometer Challenge fleece top, a travel mug and hi-vis gear! Simply Complete and Sign the Team Pledge and email it to by midnight on Monday 14th October 2013.


Q. What's the deadline for submitting team steps online?

A. All steps for your team must be submitted online before midnight on Friday the 11th of October. If you have difficulties logging your steps please get in touch before this time and we will ensure that your steps are recorded for the final challenge leaderboard.

Q. When will the final leaderboard be published?

A. The final leaderboard will go live as soon as the challenge coordinator has completed the quality check on the top team scores. It will be live no later than Friday 18th October.

Q. I won a prize during the challenge, when will I receive it?

A. Prizes will be sent to your company coordinator who will distribute them to you. We will get the prizes to you as soon as possible in the coming weeks.

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