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5th - 25th June 2013

Dear Cyclist,
We hope you enjoyed the 1st week of the 10 Minute Cycle Challenge and the fantastic sunshine!
The 1st Leaderboard is now LIVE! Click on the link at the end of this ezine to see where your team placed. The top 20 teams are listed and you can download the full leaderboard below. This leaderboard includes trips entered online before 1pm yesterday. If you missed this deadline be sure to enter trips before 1pm tomorrow to be included in the mid-week leaderboard on Monday.
There are lots of spot prize winners this week, check out the list below to see if you're one of them!
Best of luck,
The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team
PS You can only back log journeys online for 1 week - Remember to log your journeys!
  Cycling Divas, Limerick Local Authorities
The 2 Winners of an iPod shuffle each for submitting super photos are:
1. Daragh Moore, Test Cycles Team, ESB
2. Alison Bell, Kerb Dodgers Team, Seagate Technology
Members of their team will be awarded a 10 Minute Cycle Challenge prize pack.
Spot prize packs go to the following teams for getting their photos in quick smart!!
1. Dynamic Dynamos, Microsoft
2. ARUP Infrastructure Team
3. Salty Cyclists team from DOE Marine Division
4. Belfast City Council, Legends of Leisure
5. Squeaky Gears, Takeda Ltd
Check out all of the photos in our Cycle Challenge Photo Gallery, if you'd like your team to appear, email your photo now!
Like our Facebook page WINNERS
Thanks for all the Facebook likes! The lucky winners of a 10 Minute Cycle Challenge Mug and super hi-vis gear courtesy of the Road Safety Authority are:
1. Claire Young                                2. Thomas Mc Manus
3. David Gibson                               4. Catherine Hogan
5. Mick Halpin                                  6. Muriel Tobin
7. Anthony Gillespie                         8. Jd Mullan
9. Mark Eribo                                   10. Lynne Spence 
11. Jorn Glantzlen                           12. Louise Dougan
13. Sebastian Slotwinski                 14. Máire Ní Cheallacháin
15. Netka Twinska
If you're on this list please email your full postal address to 
  Kerb Dodgers Team, Seagate Technology  
  Kerb Dodgers Team, Seagate Technology  

Avoid traffic and freewheel your way to work... Cycle all or part of the way (10 Minutes +) TO and/or FROM Work to get BONUS POINT for your team!

The 10 Minute Cycle Challenge kicked off last week and since then we've heard from lots of really enthusiastic teams who are making huge efforts to clock up cycle trips for their teams. Here are snipets from the winning submissions. You can read them in full on the prizes page.
If you'd like to tell us what you're team are up to and be in with a chance to win some goodies at the end of week 2, email us at 
What did some of the Winning Teams get up to in Week 1?
1. Team Cyclotherapists..."I encouraged work colleagues to sign up to the cycle challenge having discovered cycling myself in 2010. The pleasure and the health benefits I’ve experienced encouraged me to encourage my colleagues to sample the joy of pedal power through the cycle challenge. read more
2. Freewheeling Sprockets..."This is our first venture at something like this, and while a couple of us cycle reasonably regularly, essentially we are all rather wobbly.  Colm is our dedicated leader.  He has two artificial hips and dodgy wrists. read more
3. SocialCyclists... "So far we’ve been cycling as much as possible – easy when the weather is good! With the change in weather the temptation to drive today was more
  Test Cycles Team, ESB  
  Test Cycles Team, ESB  
Q. Why do the letters TBC appear beside my team in the leaderboard?
A. The letters TBC appear beside teams where less than 3 people have signed up to the team or where there is no 'new cyclist'. If you are having difficulties with your account please email
Q. We don't have a new cyclist on our team, can we still take part?
A. To qualify for prizes, you must have one person who has not cycled in the past six months on your team. If you can’t find a new cyclist, please contact your company coordinator, as they may be able to match you up with someone. If you don’t know who your company coordinator is, please contact
Q. Where can I view the 1st leaderboard?
A. The top teams on the first leaderboard can be seen below. You can see the full leaderboard if you click on the purple button or go to the leaderboard page.
Photo Gallery
View Photo Gallery
Cycle Challenge Statistics
Cycle Challenge 2013 Leaderboard
No. Organisation   Team Name   Average Team Points
1. GlaxoSmithKline   PJ Fenlon   53
2. St Vincent's University Hospital   Buns of Steel   42
3. Microsoft   Dynamics Dynamos   40
4. Eirgrid   JAGs TAP cycle-paths   36
5. Accenture   Wheelie Bad   35
View the full leaderboard
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