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As with every year, the top teams are asked to share their step stories with us. Below, we hear from the Callous Bunions and Chasing Pavements.Congratulations to these teams sitting atop the Leaderboards at the end of Week 2 and thanks for sharing your stories! Sounds like you’re working hard AND having fun!

The Callous Bunions – Desk-based
The Callous Bunions are currently sitting at number 1 on the Leaderboard and are a team of three with the ESB who having come third in the 2016 Step Challenge have ‘a determined no let-up approach for every day of the full four weeks to be in with any chance of featuring.’

Their team captain has a daily routine that starts at 6am with a ‘1 hour dog walk, pre-work routines around the house, breakfast on the hoof and then a 6km walk or jog to work, and ‘8 flights of stairs at work which I go up and down at least 10 times every day.’
Lunch time includes 45-60 min walk with a homeward walking commute and it doesn’t end there; the evenings include a two hour dog walk. Weekends include six hours of activity including walking, soccer and some more dog walking.

Another team member gave the following breakdown of her daily routine which including commuting and leisure, tops a whopping 38km while weekend trips including housework and socialising comes to 41km. She continued to explain how it’s not easy ‘getting the steps in involves hard slog & commitment. It doesn’t just happen. It poured rain 2 days last week on my way home & I was soaked. I still walked. I walked for 6 hours on Saturday & the same Sunday. My legs hurt, my feet hurt but I’ve committed to this!’

The final team member walks 8km in and out of head office every day and due to a recent move of office, this has increased to 11km, all done before breakfast.
Team member three has played tennis on 12 of the 14 days so far for a minimum of 1.5 hours per session. Impressively he has also ‘watched an entire Man U Champions League match without sitting down’ and at the weekend ‘walked from the Harcourt Luas Stop over to Croke Park’ even managing to walk home after that (and believe us that’s a long journey).

Chasing Pavements – Non-desk based
Chasing Pavements is a non-desk based team with Limerick City and County Council who literally walk the streets for a living. They are a team of three traffic wardens who apart from their everyday jobs clock up some serious steps in their leisure time. Their captain assured us their step numbers are easy to make when they are ‘99% of the time on our feet’. Not only that but ‘one member walks to work and another has parked his car a good 20 minute walk from work for this month’. Something they have both taken up for the challenge.

Lunch time walks are another necessity to their figures and being dog owners they have increased their dog walks to twice a day. Whilst keeping an eye on the Leaderboard they have upped their game from Week 1 and even mentioned that by taking the time to explain where their steps are coming from, they have lost out on some potential additional steps.



What is the Step Challenge?

The Step Challenge is a fun, free walking challenge where teams of 3-6 people aim to increase their daily step counts, to have fun and to win prizes!

When does the 2017 Step Challenge start?

The National Transport Authority’s 10th annual walking challenge will take place from Monday 4th of September to Sunday 1st of October 2017.

So get out your walking shoes and get ready to feel good and have fun!


How do I take part?

Check if your workplace is participating – Then get together with your workmates to form a team of 3-6 people before the Challenge starts on the 4th of September 2017.

Give your team a name and nominate a Team Captain. There will be a draw for Team Captain prizes at the end of the Challenge. Each participant needs to have a working email address.

Your Team Captain will be the main point of contact for your team and will set up your team on our new Active Travel Logger website.

Once the team is registered, all participants can set up their own account on the Active Travel Logger to log their own steps. If you don’t have access to a PC, tablet or smart phone, don’t worry – your Team Captain can still log on your behalf. Or if for some reason you can’t log your details on a given day, again your Team Captain can do this for you.

Your internal Workplace Coordinator and the National Coordinators will be in touch to let you know about competitions, prizes, leader-boards etc. once we are live.

Where do I get the App or a Step Counter?

Participants can download our free Smarter Travel Step Counter app for iOS and Android smart phones. The app will sync your steps to the Active Travel Logger, so no need to write everything down as you go.

If you have a step counter from a previous challenge, or if you’ve got a fitness tracker or an app on your smart phone, you’re welcome to use these too – but remember to log into your account on the Active Travel Logger to update your steps on a regular basis. Your Team Captain can also log on your behalf.

If you wish to buy a step counter, we have a limited stock available to purchase through this website using PayPal (purchase details will be updated in August).

As all step counters will track steps slightly differently, no matter which step counter you use, you must use the same one from start to finish of the challenge.


Is My Workplace Participating?

Participating workplaces will be added to the list below as they sign up.  If your organisation is not listed below, please contact

2. AIB – Adelaide Road
3. American Chamber of Commerce
4. Apple
5. Aramark
6. Arup
7. Atkins
8. BAE Systems Ireland
9. BD Medical
10. Bio Medical Research Ltd
11. Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates
12. Cork City Council
13. Cork County Council
14. Cork University Hospital
15. Coupa
16. Deloitte
17. Department of Transport Tourism & Sport
18. Dublin City Council
19. Dublin City University
20. Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
21. eir
22. Elavon Financial Services
23. Elm Solutions
24. ESB
26. Health & Safety Authority, Cork
27. Henkel Ireland
28. IADT
29. IBM Ireland
30. IKEA Dublin
31. Irish Prison Service
32. IT Blanchardstown
33. Jacobs
34. Johnson Controls
35. KBC Bank Ireland plc
36. Kingspan Insulation
37. Limerick City & County Council
38. Limerick institute of Technology
39. LinkedIn Ireland
40. Maynooth University
41. Meath County Council
42. Medtronic Mervue Galway
43. Merchants Quay Ireland
44. National Rehabilitation Hospital
45. National Transport Authority
46. Northern Trust
47. Oracle Emea Ltd
48. Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital
49. Premier Lotteries Ireland
50. Rabobank Dublin
51. Roughan & O’Donovan
52. Royal Irish Academy
53. Siemens Healthcare Medical Solutions Limited
54. Sligo University Hospital
55. South Dublin County Council
56. St John of God Hospital
57. St Vincent’s University Hospital
58. Symantec
59. Takeda Ireland Ltd
60. Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
61. The Mater Private Hospital Cork
62. Three Ireland
63. Transport Infrastructure Ireland
64. Transport Insights
65. Trinity College
66. University College Cork
67. University College Dublin
68. University of Limerick
69. Waterford Institute of Technology

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