How do I take part?

Check if your workplace is participating – Then get together with your workmates to form a team of 3-6 people before the Challenge starts on the 4th of September 2017.

Give your team a name and nominate a Team Captain. There will be a draw for Team Captain prizes at the end of the Challenge. Each participant needs to have a working email address.

Your Team Captain will be the main point of contact for your team and will set up your team on our new Active Travel Logger website.

Once the team is registered, all participants can set up their own account on the Active Travel Logger to log their own steps. If you don’t have access to a PC, tablet or smart phone, don’t worry – your Team Captain can still log on your behalf. Or if for some reason you can’t log your details on a given day, again your Team Captain can do this for you.

Your internal Workplace Coordinator and the National Coordinators will be in touch to let you know about competitions, prizes, leader-boards etc. once we are live.


Where do I get the App or a Step Counter?

Participants can download our FREE Smarter Travel Step Counter app, available (for both Android and iOS phones) from your App Play Store on your phone – this app will auto sync your steps with the Active Travel Logger website, saving you from logging your steps manually.
If you have a step counter from a previous challenge, or if you’ve got a fitness tracker or an app on your smart phone, you’re welcome to use these too – but remember to log into your account on the Active Travel Logger to update your steps on a regular basis. Your Team Captain can also log on your behalf.

As all step counters will track steps slightly differently, no matter which step counter you use, you must use the same one from start to finish of the challenge.

Where to Buy A Step Counter

We have a limited stock available to purchase through this website using PayPal.

If you would like to buy a step counter, please first check with your Workplace Coordinator that she/he has some in stock – only a limited stock is available for purchase through the PayPal link below

You can buy your step counter for €8.00, with a portion of every sale being donated to a charity partner to be voted on by participants at the end of the Challenge. Please note that your Team Captain will need to use a credit or debit card to complete a transaction on PayPal.

You must present the PayPal receipt to your Workplace Coordinator to get your step counter. You can find out who your Workplace Coordinator is on the Contact Page in your Active Travel Logger account (you need to be logged in to see this information).

Step Counters are sent directly to your Workplace Coordinator – you must print your PayPal receipt and present it to your Workplace Coordinator to get your Step Counter.

Workplace Coordinators – if you are buying step counters on behalf of your organisation, you may need to do multiple transactions to pay for the quantity you want.

Step Counters
Workplace/ Campus Name:

Choosing a Step Counter

When choosing a step counter to buy, check that:

  • the battery will last at least a year
  • you can change the battery when it runs out
  • the unit clips securely to your clothes
  • the numbers are easy to see
  • you’re happy with the counter functions – some record steps only, others can record your activity over seven days, and let you adjust the sensitivity of your unit.




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