Student Cycle Challenge 2015: Nominations

Team Members Nominated by their Team for their fantastic enthusiasm and dedication to the challenge were:

– Amy Kingston

– Andrew Burke

– Marco Rebellato: Because he was the responsible for uniting the team. He had the idea of participating in the Challenge and ask us for be part of a team together! He was one of the one who cycle most on our team. And he was always trying to think new places for going with the bike! And he tried to always use the bicycle to go to campus and city centre.

– Stephen Johnson

– Mun Hon Leong

– Niamh Jones: Always encouraged and motivated us. Even for a cycling novice, she did her best (even in scary Dublin)

– Joyce Lok Yi Tan

– Caoimhe Rainey

– Michael Higgins: I nominated him because I believe we are the only team in the country to complete the challenge with two members and clock up as much as we did. Michael showed relentless trips and distance from the first day leaving me for dust until the second week!!

– Jose Dan: Extra effort put to get as many trips as possible and encouragement to other team members to do the same and try to win the challenge.


Team Captains Nominated by their team members for being inspirational leaders were:

– Daniel Diaz

Because he always uses bicycle for everything. Go to campus, city centre, to Tobercurry! And he always tell us to use our bikes to do the same stuffs. Here is a leader that make us want to participate more of the Challenge. And before the Challenge he went to Streebagh Beach and Knocknarea by bike, with other team member!

– Tírnán Healey

His massive beard has shown us that if you really want to grow as a person, you can do it. All it takes is hard work and dedication while ignoring the haters.

– Evelína Koptišová

– Nathan Volfango

If it wasnt for Nathan we never would have started the challenge. As team captain he also went to such lengths as to motivate us each day while also giving a mighty speeh in the team group chat. On top of this it was his first time commuting by bike. Inspirational stuff he deserves a prize.

– Connie Purcell

Connie has been driven and motivating throughout this challenge and initially informed me about it. She really took the challenge in her stride and encouraged us as a team to get on our bikes and keep active! Even though her bike broke during the weekend preceding the challenge she was quick to find a replacement and go ahead with the fight! CONNIE FOR CYCLE CHALLENGE WINNER!

– Ning Xuan Ho

She is the most enthusiastic person in the team. She will always encourage her team members to cycle more, reminding us to log our trips and making us do all sort of silly posts for the team photo. She made the whole challenge much more fun and interesting.

– Colm Hann

For keeping us going even after we lost a team member at the start and pushing us over the line!