Taxi information

The National Transport Authority is responsible for the licensing and regulation of small public service vehicles (SPSVs) in Ireland. This refers collectively to taxis, wheelchair accessible taxis, hackneys, wheelchair accessible hackneys and limousines.

SPSVs are defined as vehicles capable of carrying for hire or reward a maximum of eight passengers in addition to the driver.

There are five basic categories of vehicle licence:

  • Taxis
  • Wheelchair accessible taxis
  • Hackneys
  • Wheelchair accessible hackneys
  • Limousines

A Taxi Fare Estimator Tool is now available, visit

Taxi Driver Check

Our latest app allows you to check your taxi’s details.


This App from the National Transport Authority has been developed to help taxi users verify that the vehicle they are about to hire has been registered correctly and that the driver has the appropriate permissions to take the hire.

Customers can search for the vehicle or driver details by using the vehicle registration number, licence information displayed or by scanning appropriate bar codes.

If the information returned is incorrect, users can submit a Report to the National Transport Authority. There is also the facility for people to email a friend with relevant details about the car and the driver they have hired.

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