Run Commute 2017 Winners

Overall Prize Winners

The final leader board is now published! Top prize winners were chosen at random from all those with a top ten ranking (14 teams) on the final leaderboard.

Our top prize goes to:
Vinnies running gals – St. Vincent’s University Hospital. Well done!

Two more teams were chosen at random from the top ten rankings for our second runner up and third runner up prizes. And they are:

SAP Ireland Dublin Runners – SAP Ireland Commuters and
Not this again…! Deloitte – who incidentally are also our top team overall in terms of activity.

Not this again achieved an amazing average of 33 run commutes over three weeks., and were followed closely by Super Sonics in Virgin Media with an average of 30 runs. Amazing!  

We’ll be in touch about getting your prizes out to you, but you can look forward to a goodie bag of iamrunbox garment carriers, Garmin Forerunner 10s, running socks and more! Vinnies Running Gals have also won entry up to euro50 each in a running event of their choosing this year.


Week 1 –

The Week 1 competitions were Best Name and Top Tips – we had some great tips, and some names that made us laugh!

  • The winners of the Best Name competition are:
  • 2 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit – Galway University Hospitals
  • Do Do Run Run Do Do Run Run – the National Maternity Hospital
  • Got the Runs – Virgin Media Ireland and
  • The Mile Munchers – Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates

The Top Tips are at the end of this page – have a read through, you might find something to inspire you on your run. All those shown are winners.


Week 2 Competition

The Week 2 competition was a photo competition – and we had some great entries. Our winners are:

  • Ciaran from Virgin Media – who brought us on a pictorial tour of his run into work
  • Oonagh from Virgin Media – with her lovely photo of a horse she sees on her way in – note to participants, if your horse does the running, it doesn’t count!
  • And Michael from Virgin Media – who showcased Limerick on a lovely sunny day, with a cheerleader en route!

Week 3 Competition ‘Running for…’

We had some lovely tales and poems from runners around the country – see below for inspiration! Winners are: Oonagh from Virgin Media, Caroline and Maeve from Galway University Hospitals, Elaine from St Vincent’s University Hospital and Sean.

Fresh air
Undoing the stress knots of the day
No traffic
Caroline, University Hospital Galway

Runcommute 2017 brought great encouragement between work colleagues and sense of satisfaction post run always makes it worthwhile, looking forward to continuing…
Maeve, University Hospital Galway

The NTA came up with a plan
Suppose that commuters ran
They won’t be stuck in a jam
Everyone will stay calm
The Institute was the biggest fan!

Run commute they ask, from Wexford to Dublin I say
I have not quite got it yet,
but I am hoping soon I will.
Only 6 more days to go and I am still on zero
but one of these days I will get up and go,
I have no more excuses
left foot, right foot and I will be a pro.
Laura, St Vincent’s University Hospital

No more excuses its my runners and me
Out on the road I feel so free
My heart rate is pumping
My mind is quite clear
I feel and look much better on my run to Pearse
Elaine – St Vincent’s University Hospital

I run for fun
To soak up the sun
To focus my mind
Before I sit down on my behind
I run to feel fit
And get 10,000 steps on my fitbit
I run to feel free
And appreciate where my strong legs can take me
But most of all I run so I can eat more
And drink red wine galore 🙂
Oonagh Virgin Media


Top Tips – Week 1

Remember to leave your work shoes in the office, perfect motivator to use your trainers every morning!! – Michael

Break it into segments. This lamp post to that one, then walk to the lights and take a breath. Run the next lamp post etc… and Tighten the straps on your backpack! – Michael

My top tip-get your playlist right! It’s a real motivator when your favourite song comes on –it push you to keep going. Marian

And here’s a great list from Ciaran!

  • Leave a towel in your car if you’re running part of the commute like I do as I live 60 k from work.( As I sit here writing this drenched with no towel)
  • Leave a clean tee shirt in your car (see above)
  • Leave time/ take time to properly cool off when you get into work as taking a shower and changing into your work gear before you have stopped sweating isn’t nice.
  • Have snack food in work as you’ll be starving long before your normal break time. Don’t answer any emails until you’ve eaten. You’re not nice when you’re Hangry
  • You probably think you way over packed on spare running gear for the office. You’ll bring less spares next week and it’ll rain all week and you’ll regret it. The Irish weather gods don’t like when you try cheat them.
  • No one will notice you’re in your work socks when running home, why waste a clean pair of whites?
    Make sure to have Vaseline, sudocream and plasters in your office bag! Getting wet while running and having to do it again can chafe something awful!!

And more great tips from Gearóid

  • Make sure you stretch well before and after your running commute to work. This is especially so if you are sitting at a desk all day as you can stiffen up after a run. A foam roller would be ideal to ease out any tension in the legs or even a golf ball to roll under your foot for a few minutes is good.
  • The thing with running to work every day is that you can feel fatigued after a few days and not enjoy doing it anymore so it is essential to stretch well to avoid any injuries building up.
  • Pack light. As a guy maybe this is easier. We have showers and towels at work so are in a privileged position. I also keep toiletries at work in my locker which means less chance of forgetting something. I normally fold my work shirt neatly and bring spare socks/jocks in my bag. This makes it more enjoyable to run with also if you pack less. It can be very frustrating to run with a heavy bag weighing you down.
  • The bag should have an adjustable strap so that there is less “bounce” of the bag as you run. Also keep any keys/phone neatly packed away in the main portion of the bag. You don’t want them falling out of any side pouches!! I find a traditional bag is good. I use a Sport House brand myself. They are made in Waterford and have excellent straps on them. I find running with those stringy bags (you know the type I’m on about!) that they hand out at races to be very uncomfortable as they dig in to your shoulders and provide no support.
  • Wear a running watch. You should find that your times will improve over the course of a few weeks as you build up the miles. This should help with motivation as you will find that you are improving from all the hard work.
  • Maybe keep a budget of the money you are saving by not driving or using public transport by going to work. This also helps with motivation to carry on running.


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