Printed Resources

There are a number of resources available to our partner workplaces and campuses. You can download the following PDF and Word documents to print or share.
If you wish to avail of the banner stands, just drop an email to:

Active Travel posters

Light Up Your Life Poster – Stay Safe Be Seen

From A to B for Free! Walking Poster

Fitter, Further, Faster by Bike! Cycling Poster

Bike Maintenance tips and checks with the Bicycle Maintenance – Do the ‘M’ Check – 

Is there a local park, shop or public transport stop that is only a couple of minutes from your site? Let your colleagues know with our ’10 minutes to…’ posters. You can insert your organisation’s logo, the destination and the number of minutes to get there. 

Did You Know Walking and Cycling Times Poster


You can calculate cycling/ walking times on the National Journey Planner or the Dublin Cycle Planner on the Transport for Ireland website.



Banner Stands

A range of banner stands are available to partners for use for use in promotional events relevent to Smarter Travel.

Transport For Ireland Free Apps Banner Stand

Walking – ‘Arrive happy not hassled’

Light up your Life Banner Stand (cycling)

Bike locking and security


How to Lock a Bike Banner Stand                   ‘Hey good locking’ bicycle security

Your Bike’s Health – ‘Do the M check’

Quotes about cycling (there are 4 to choose from)

CAMPUS Transport For Ireland All Mode (extra large)

Campus Marchathon Banner Stand

Sustrans in the UK have some excellent workplace cycling posters.  A sample of their resources are linked to below.


Workplaces Web Template 2015
Template Web Content for Workplaces Partners (November 2015) is a presentation with generic web page content, which Partners can adapt for staff intranet travel pages, or for public-facing pages on travel to your site.

Tax Saver
Get your half price ticket, save tax! Promote the Taxsaver ticket scheme with our  Public Transport Poster [396 KB PDF]. You can also insert your organisation’s contact details Public Transport Poster with Contact Box [416 KB PDF]

Carpooling Posters

Benefits of Carpooling Poster 1: Campus & Workplace

Benefits of Carpooling Poster 2: Campus & Workplace

Benefits of Carpooling Poster 3: Campus & Workplace

Editable Carpool ‘Find your Perfect Match’ Event Poster

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