Implementers Guide to Workplace Travel Plans

A workplace travel plan is a package of measures aimed at supporting sustainable travel for work-related journeys. This document gives a step-by-step guide for the person implementing the Travel Plan, including case studies, sample surveys and lots of ideas for action  Implementers Guide to Workplace Travel Plans. The Guide is broken into sections below.

Sample Travel Plan Coordinator Job Description

If your organisation is appointing a person to be the face and Champion of your travel plan, this document will give you some insight into a sample Travel Plan Coordinator job description, including sample duties and responsibilities, and experience/ qualifications.

Sample Travel Plan Coordinator Job Description

Mapping Samples

Maps are useful tools to show walking/ cycling times, or to show information about your site. Smarter Travel Workplaces/ Smarter Travel Campus Partners have access to mapping resources, including Accessibilty Maps showing walking and cycling time bands (see UCD Walking Cycling Time) or maps showing anonymised home locations of employees by mode used. Other sample maps are below.

Adamstown Mapping Sample

Mater Mapping Sample

University of Limerick Getting Around Map

Sample Action Plan

Your Action Plan should be based on your employee travel survey, your site audit and your organisational policy review. It will most likely contain both ‘hard’ (infrastructural) and ‘soft’ (behaviour changing/ promotional) measures. This Sample Action Plan will give you ideas by mode for your organisation.

Key Survey Analysis Points

This appendix covers key results from your survey, and how to examine them in order to establish potential actions for your organisation.

Key Survey Analysis Points

Sample Travel Survey Launch Text

This document contains some sample text which you can adapt for your site when launching your employee travel survey. Consider offering an incentive that appeals to all mode users for filling in your travel survey.

Sample Travel Survey Launch Text

Sample Staff Travel Survey

Your Sample Staff Travel Survey is an essential tool to find out your starting mode split, as well as potential actions to promote walking, cycling, public transport, carsharing and smarter working. You can edit this sample survey to suit your site. If your organisation does limited business travel, you may wish to omit this section.

Smarter Working

The introduction of flexible working practices can facilitate employees to travel by means other than the car, or to work at home. This document give some ideas for organisations interested in Smarter Working

Optimise Use of Car Parks

If there is pressure for parking in your site, promoting modes other than the single occupancy vehicle can have a positive effect. Some options to Optimise Use of Car Parks, including permit parking and other parking management measures are outlined in this document.

Promoting Carsharing and More Efficient Use of Cars

In the majority of employers, carsharing is already happening on an informal basis. Nationally 4% of commuters were carsharing in 2011. Good carsharing schemes, in the right locations, can achieve carsharing rates of 10%. For ideas on your scheme, see Promoting Carsharing and More Efficient Use of Cars

Promoting Cycling

Cycling is the one mode which is consistently increasing across our Partners over the past number of years. Employers have a key role in supporting this mode, with destination facilities and schemes such as Cycle to Work. Promoting Cycling

Marketing Your Travel Plan

Most employers are already offering elements of a workplace travel plan. How you communicate with your employees and market your actions can have a significant impact on uptake of schemes or promotions.  Marketing Your Travel Plan

Sample Site Audit

The ultimate test of your organisations facilities is – would you use them? Are you happy with them? This Sample Site Audit highlights some potential areas for action to improve facilities to support more sustainable travel.

Promoting Walking

All employees, visitors and suppliers are pedestrians on your site at some point. Promoting Walking will have a positive impact for all mode users.

Sample Cycle Facilities Audit

This Sample Cycle Facilities Audit focuses on cycling facilities in particular. You may also be interested in evaluating other facilities in your site, see the Sample Site Audit in this section.