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Permeability in Existing Urban Areas: Best Practice Guide

Posted on 29/07/15 at 9:35

Permeability in Existing Urban Areas: Best Practice Guide

The National Transport Authority has today (July 28) published a best practice guide on providing for permeability in existing urban areas, and has circulated it to 140 planners and engineers in local and regional authorities nationwide.

Promoting walking and cycling as modes of transport is a key objective of the National Transport Authority, particularly for shorter length journeys. Historically many urban areas in Ireland have been designed without recognition of the importance of walking and cycling, which has resulted in travel by these modes being inconvenient, circuitous, and in some cases less safe than they should be. In many locations, the preponderance of cul-de-sacs, and the lack of access links through estate boundaries, renders the walk or cycle to schools or shops significantly longer than the straight line distance and gives little choice to people other than the use of their car. This adds to local congestion, to the cost of people’s daily transport, to local air and noise pollution and it requires additional car parking at each destination. To compound all of these impacts, it also removes the potential for people to combine their trips to school, shops etc. with the health benefits of daily exercise.

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