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Smarter Travel Workplaces is working with a range of large Partner organisations, in both the public and private sector, to develop and implement workplace travel plans.

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Genzyme Smarter Travel Workplaces Partner


Genzyme is a large pharmaceutical company, based on the northern outskirts of Waterford.  There are approximately 500 employees based at this location, a high proportion of which work shift patterns.  There are approximately 470 car parking spaces, 9 of which are allocated for disabled drivers, visitors and expectant mothers.  Public transport provision serving the site is limited and it has a relatively small walk-in and cycle catchment.

Genzyme joined the Smarter Travel Workplaces programme in the latter part of 2010 and an employee travel survey was undertaken soon after this in early 2011.  The results of the travel survey highlight that a high proportion of employees live in the rural areas surrounding Waterford where there is no realistic travel alternative to the private car for journeys to work.   This is confirmed in the results of the 2011 travel survey, which indicate a high car driver mode share at 88% and second to that a car passenger mode share of 8%.

Genzyme, in partnership with the NTA, developed an Action Plan of short, medium and longer term measures dealing specifically with the issues raised within the travel survey.  One of the key measures was the introduction of a carsharing scheme for employees.

Using the NTA web based carsharing scheme, Genzyme implemented an employee carsharing scheme in early 2012 with the official launch of the scheme in January 2012.  Since this time over 36 employees have signed up to the scheme and this number continues to grow.

Genzyme has shown its commitment to the success and promotion of the carsharing scheme through the following:

  • Introduction of carsharing permits to identify carsharing groups, these are available to employees who actively use the carsharing website;
  • Introduction of 9 dedicated carsharing spaces in close proximity to the building entrance;
  • Ongoing promotion of the scheme including a promotional event in April 2012;
  • Monitoring demand;
  • Earmarked a further 10 dedicated carsharing spaces when there is the demand for this; and
  • Closely monitoring the use of the carsharing spaces to ensure these are not being misused.

During the promotional event in April 2012, active carsharers commented on the benefits they were realising since joining the scheme including cost and journey time savings.

Genzyme also appreciates the importance of promoting not only the carsharing scheme but other measures and ways of creating a smarter travel workplace, including the introduction of cycle spin classes within the office, involvement in the bike to work scheme and the provision of information through the organisation’s intranet.

(May 2012)

Genzyme expectant mothers parking

Genzyme expectant mothers parking

Genzyme cycle parking

Genzyme cycle parking – on a rainy day in February!

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