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Mix Your Mode Week – Cork March 23rd

Posted on 18/03/15 at 10:18

Do you commute? Then Mix Your (Travel) Mode!

Do you just hop into the car in the morning and drive to work, the school, the shops or wherever you are going without a thought of how you could travel differently……or better?

Cork Mix Your Mode Week starts on 23rd March and gets us thinking about different travel choices especially with the nice bright mornings now  – maybe leave the car at home for at least one morning and instead take the bus, train or bike or get the Park & Ride and let some else worry about parking. Check out the timetables and you could be pleasantly surprised. Try walking even some of the way and you’ll be amazed at how good you feel for the rest of the day plus you’ve saved money on your trip. You could even try the new Coke Zero Bikes to get across town!

So whether your journey is long or short, think about the different ways to get to your destination and mix your mode for a change. Children from Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh Girls and Glenville National School are leading the way with a performance of songs about travel on Tuesday 24th.  Also on Tuesday there will be a Travel Awareness Exhibition at City Gate Mahon Point. More details on