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Irish Heart Foundation says Thank You to Participants of the 2013 Pedometer Challenge

Posted on 09/12/13 at 1:49

winner IHF prize Clare McCormack,BGN

Winner of the Irish Heart Foundation Sponsored Prize – Clare McCormack, Bord Gáis Networks

Congratulations for taking part and completing the Pedometer Challenge this year and a special thanks for raising over €5,000 for the Irish Heart Foundation. Well done to Clare McCormack from Bord Gáis Networks who was chosen from a draw of participants in the top 10 teams in the final leader board. Clare will be joining us on the Irish Heart Foundation 2014 European Walk.

Regular physical activity reduces your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke, as well as many other diseases. The Pedometer Challenge encouraged you to increase your aerobic activity during your working day and we hope that you are maintaining your new physical activity habits now that the challenge has ended. Perhaps you are looking now for other ways to include more activity in your day?

As many employees work at sedentary jobs the Irish Heart Foundation’s Desk Work-Out web based physical activity programme could be another way to keep you moving through the day. The Desk Work-Out involves a series of aerobic, stretching and strengthening activities to encourage movement and activity at the desk. Download the programme at or purchase the desk workout CD ROM for €15 through our online shop.
What type of activity is best?

Any activity is good for you but for overall good health include the following:

Which type?

How often?

Health benefits

Aerobic activity

5 days a week for 30 minutes

Works your heart and lungs

Strengthening activity

2 days a week

Strengthens your muscles and bones

Stretching activity

2 days of the week

Loosens your joints & makes you flexible

Very best wishes for maintaining your physical activity levels for the remainder of 2013. How about making a resolution to be more physically active in 2014 and encourage your colleagues to join in the fun. For more information and support on heart health visit

Croatia walk 2013 Maria & Pat-winners of IHF prize in 2012

Winners of the 2012 Pedometer Challenge, Maria Carmody, LEO Pharma & Pat Casey, Cork City Council, enjoying their prize of a trip on the Irish Heart Foundation overseas walk to Croatia in October 2013.

croatia group photo of walkers

Irish Heart Foundation Overseas Walk to Croatia, October 2013