Quick Wins

Employee Travel Survey

Your employee travel survey is actually a promotional initiative in itself – as publicising it is an opportunity to highlight the potential for change in your organisation. The survey should establish your baseline modal split, uptake of schemes currently available, interest in a variety of actions and opportunities for improvements.

The survey results give a mandate for change as organisations usually find there is quite a higher level of support for sustainable transport than anticipated. You may find that many of your employees are already travelling sustainably, or would walk/cycle/take public transport if some changes were made within your organisation.

From your survey you will find out:

  • How many employees live within walking or cycling distance of your workplace
  • Potential carpooling clusters/ opportunities
  • Awareness of facilities or incentives already in place
  • Opportunities to promote different modes

Low-cost Quick Wins

  • Introduce the Cycle to Work scheme, where employees can buy tax, PRSI and levy-free bikes and related equipment, and employers can save up to 10.75% PRSI on every sale
  • Introduce monthly and annual Tax Saver tickets for public transport (including private operators) – again employees get tickets tax, PRSI and levy-free and employers save on PRSI contributions
  • Improve access and safety/visibility on your site for pedestrians, as everyone is a pedestrian at some point
  • Ensure cycle parking is covered and secure and close to entrances – remember that 10 cyclists can park in the space used by one car, which more than justifies the cost involved in covering and securing cycle parking
  • Provide a storage area or drying room for cyclists gear
  • Consider carpooling for your organisation. You can find more details about car sharing via the Transport for Ireland website here.

For more ideas on actions, please see the Implementers Guide to Workplace Travel Plans

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