Partner Package

ON YER BIKE! Smarter Travel Workplaces ‘10 Minute Cycle Challenge’ Winners!

If your organisation is a large employer (more than 250 employees) interested in implementing a workplace travel plan, you may be eligible to avail of the Smarter Travel Workplaces Partner Package, valued at over €10,000, but free of charge to our Partners.

This limited offer is open to organisations in any part of Ireland. Contact us right away to ensure your organisation benefits.


  • Up to 16 days with an experienced Travel Planner/ Facilitator to assist you to implement your plan
  • Free online employee travel survey,  analysis and suggested Action Plan
  • Free carsharing group specifically for your workplace on
  • Information and ideas to promote walking, cycling, public transport, carsharing and other relevant schemes
  • Promotional tools and roadshows e.g. banner stands, promotional materials and mapping resources
  • Participation in our annual inter-Partner Step Challenge and 10 Minute Cycle Challenge
  • Partner seminars, including topics such as Parking Management, Promoting Physical Activity and Leading Change, Marketing Travel Change 
  • Access to a supportive network of organisations experienced in addressing issues relating to employee and business travel, and fleet management.

In addition, your organisation will be involved in a high-profile, highly-credible CSR initiative with significant media opportunities.

If your organisation has more than 250 employees – For more information on how to avail of this limited offer, please contact us straight away.

If your organisation has less than 250 employees – you will find a number of resources to assist you to implement a workplace travel plan on this website, including our Implementers Guide to Workplace Travel Plans – which includes template surveys, action plans, analysis and tips for implementers.

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