Annual Partner Travel Survey

How many bones does a spider have? How many websites were there in 1991?*

Did you know, in 2016 there were over 11,230 responses to our national Smarter Travel Workplaces and Smarter Travel Campus Partner surveys?

If we can’t measure something, we can’t value it!

Last year for the first time, Partners were invited to take part in an online, incentivised travel survey for all Partners in April and autumn. Survey responses tell us fascinating detail about how we travel and why – including

  • 19% of us feel confident cycling our bikes to work/ college
  • 41% of us choose sustainable transport whenever we can
  • the main reason students and staff in Partner organisations change how they travel is a house move (32% of those who switched)
  • Health and Fitness encouraged 15% of those who switched modes of transport to do so

We’ll shortly be inviting Partner organisations that are due to do their travel change survey to get involved in the 2017 surveys, and to announce the winners of the 2016 prizes!

Students and Employees in Partner organisations will be asked to tell us how they travel, as part of a very short questionnaire, to be in with a chance to win some great prizes for your workplace or campus.

All campuses and workplaces achieving a minimum response rate will go into a prize draw for one of five euro500 prizes towards a Smarter Travel event or promotion in the Partner site**.


Travel Change 2017 Counting Poster

Travel Change 2017 Poster No Contact Box

Travel Change 2017 Poster with Contact Box

Travel Change 2017 Banner


Survey Links

Below are the links to the general Campus and Workplace surveys. If your organisation wants to ask more/ other questions, just get in touch and we’ll tailor the questions to suit.

Click to fill in the CAMPUS Travel Change 2017 survey

Click to fill in the WORKPLACES Travel Change 2017 survey

*And the answers to the questions are – Spiders don’t have bones – but they do have an exoskeleton (external skeleton) so they will crunch if you stand on one… eeeugh…  and there was 1 website in 1991!


Representative Response Rates –

The minimum representative response rates to go into the prize draw are as below. These figures are based on average response rates from previous Partner surveys.

  • Hospitals – 25% of the staff population
  • Workplaces – 30% of the staff population
  • Campuses – Students – 15% of the population
  • Campuses – Staff – 25% of the population

**Please note for transparency and audit, the winning workplaces must set out for approval the budget breakdown/ suppliers for the euro500 prizes. Winners will be chosen at random from workplaces/ campuses achieving a pre-agreed minimum response rate. The Authority reserves the right to award all or none of the prizes.



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