Annual Partner Travel Survey

There are only a couple of weeks left of 2017 and Smarter Travel Workplaces are taking the opportunity to remind our Partners about their organisation’s Annual Travel Survey.

You may have got an email from us back in February or March and thought, ‘oh yeah, I’ll get to that’ but never quite managed to, so here’s your chance to get in there and end 2017 on a sustainable transport high note! 

We require our partners to conduct surveys annually, or at the very least once every two years. 

What’s Involved?

Employees in Partner organisations will be asked to tell us how they travel, as part of a very short questionnaire, 12 questions in all.

It should take no longer than 5 minutes but it will provide invaluable information about how staff travel to work, what’s involved in their commute and offer the opportunity to address any issues.

If we can’t measure something, we can’t value it!

What Information Will We Find Out?

In 2016 there were over 11,230 responses to our national Smarter Travel Workplaces and Smarter Travel Campus Partner survey. 

Survey responses tell us fascinating detail about how we travel and why:

  • 19% of us feel confident cycling our bikes to work/ college
  • 41% of us choose sustainable transport whenever we can
  • The main reason students and staff in Partner organisations change how they travel is a house move (32% of those who switched)
  • Health and Fitness encouraged 15% of those who switched modes of transport to do so

Survey Links

Below are the links to the general Campus and Workplace surveys. 

Click to fill in the WORKPLACES Travel Change 2017 survey

Click to fill in the CAMPUS Travel Change 2017 survey

If your organisation wants to ask more/ other questions, just get in touch and we’ll tailor the questions to suit.


Travel Change 2017 Poster No Contact Box

Travel Change 2017 Poster with Contact Box

Travel Change 2017 Banner 

Travel Change 2017 Counting Poster

Representative Response Rates

The minimum representative response rates to go into the prize draw are as below. These figures are based on average response rates from previous Partner surveys.

Hospitals – 25% of the staff population

Workplaces – 30% of the staff population

Campuses – Students – 15% of the population

Campuses – Staff – 25% of the population





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