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Germany’s first umbrella vending machine inside a bus

Posted on 12/07/13 at 1:34

The transport operator for the Unna County (VKU) has equipped the buses of route S30, an express bus service between Bergkamen and Dortmund, with umbrella vending machines.

The small vending machines were installed in the standing area of the bus. If it starts to rain during their ride, passengers can buy an umbrella for the price of 4 Euro. The umbrellas being sold are telescopic umbrellas which are handy and easy to store. To keep the investment and maintenance costs low and to keep the size of the machines compact, only 1 and 2 Euro coins are accepted and the vending machines give no change. It is the first time that an umbrella vending machine has been installed inside a bus in Germany.

The VKU will firstly test the acceptance of the umbrella vending machines and if it is used on this service, they are willing to equip further buses with umbrella vending machines. After introducing free Wi-Fi access in their buses this is again another unusual passenger service by VKU. The machines were purchased from Dry2Go, a young startup who produces umbrella vending machines of all kinds and sizes. In January AKN Railways, who operate a network of regional train lines north of Hamburg have already installed umbrella vending machines on the platforms of their major stops.