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Cycling skills brochure launched in Cork

Posted on 12/05/17 at 3:54

Cycling in Cork City is becoming more and more popular. More people are buying new bikes, including through the Cycle-to-Work tax break scheme, new cycle lanes have been rolled out in Cork streets, and the CokeZero Public BikeSharing scheme has been hugely successful.

With more cyclists on Cork City roads, education of all road users on the do’s and don’ts around cycling is increasingly important.

Cork’s Transport and Mobility Forum, along with its members Cork Cycling Campaign and Cork City Council have produced a leaflet entitled Cycling Skills – a basic guide for adult cyclists that will give comprehensive information on how to cycle safely in road traffic:

What is my correct position on the road? How do I safely do a right turn? How should navigate a roundabout? What are typical hazardous situations and how can I avoid them?

Cycling has lots of benefits for getting people from A to B on a daily basis over short and medium distances. Cyclists enjoy improved health, predictable travel times, no hassle with parking, zero emissions, and enormous cost savings. And other road users also benefit because cyclists reduce overall traffic congestion

As correct behaviour in road traffic is essential for enjoying the benefits of cycling, this brochure will help to give a better understanding of road safety for cyclists – for the benefit of all road users.

The brochure is based on an earlier version produced by the Galway Cycling Campaign who have kindly given permission to use the content.

Anita Lenihan, Cork City Cycling Officer: “Cycling is getting more and more popular now especially as a means of getting to work or school. Many people are unsure of how to position themselves on the road when in traffic and this leaflet is invaluable to all road users in how to correctly share the road”

Dr Dean Venables, Vice-Chair of Cork Cycling Campaign: “New and experienced cyclists alike will value this excellent guide. It shows how to handle various traffic situations safely, considerately, and with confidence. We thank the City Council for the funding to make the brochure available in Cork.”

Stephan Koch, Chair of Transport and Mobility Forum Cork (TMF): “This brochure is a good example of how close cooperation of various partners within the Transport and Mobility Forum can produce a substantial outcome for the benefit of sustainable transport in Cork City and County.”

The brochure was handed out at the 1st UCC Campus Cycle Week in March. UCC Green Campus in cooperation with Cork Cycling Campaign ran this week of promotion activities around cycling to campus.

Free cycle safety training and free BikeDoctor service were offered. A roundtable talk gave people a chance to discuss their cycling experiences and needs, and a lunchtime cycle finished off the week on Friday.

For details, please see programme below.

UCC Campus Cycle Week 2017

Tuesday 07/03/17

“Meet the Cork Cycling Campaign” – one voice for two wheels
informal drinks to learn about the Cork Cycling Campaign

20.00 The Friary, North Gate Bridge / North Mall

Wednesday 08/03/17

Cycle Safety Traininghow to cycle safely in road traffic
11.00 – 14.00 presented by Cork Cycling Campaign

Roundtable Talk on Cycling to UCC (TBC)
12.30 – 14.00 Boole Library Creative Space

Thursday 09/03/17

UCC BikeDoctor – get your 2-Wheeler fit for Spring
13.00 – 16.00 outside Kane Building (Main Campus). Presented by Victoria Cross Cycles

 Friday 10/03/17

UCC Lunchtime Cycle – take a Spin into Spring
13.00 – 14.00 – Main Gates / Coffee Station