Cycling Challenge Statistics

Cycling Challenge Statistics

The statistics in the table below show the overall achievements of all participants during the challenge.

You can view your personal statistics when you log into the Journey Logger (on the panel on the right of the calendar), and can see how your team got on in the Team Statistics section.

You can see how all the teams did during the challenge, with a full list of teams below the Leader Board

We hope you are enjoying clocking up all these journeys and getting fitter and more active!

The Smarter Travel Workplaces Team

Cycle Challenge 2015 Statistics

  • Users808
  • Journeys logged11,233
  • CO2 saved (kg)25,424
  • Fuel saved (€)13,996
  • Chocolate bar index**63,677
  • Kilometres travelled517,321

* Public transport and car-sharing trips also involve fuel and carbon costs; however for the sake of simplicity, these costs are not included in this analysis.
** The Chocolate Bar Index measures in chocolate bars how many kCalories our users have burned by cycling or walking, instead of driving. This is based on the average 50g bar of chocolate containing approx 250 kCalories