Cycle Challenge FAQs


Cycle Challenge FAQs

What is the Smarter Travel Cycle Challenge?

The Smarter Travel Cycle Challenge is a fun, free team event that runs in May each year. The aim is at to clock up as many trips on your bike as you can during the challenge and to encourage your team mates, especially those who haven't been on a bike for a while, to do the same. There are some fantastic prizes to be won. The Challenge is part of the Smarter Travel Workplaces & Campus programme for large employers and third level campuses promoting more sustainable travel. The Challenge is open to all staff and students from workplaces and campuses that are partners of the programme. For further information email 

How do I take part?

Get a team of 3-6 people together. There are extra chances of winning prizes for teams who have new/returning cyclists on their team to so why not encourage your colleagues to get involved. There is no minimum number of trips new cyclists must make for this challenge, so don’t worry if you’re taking your time building up trips. The main thing is taking part, supporting your colleagues and having fun on your bike! Once your team has a name and a Captain, participants can register for the challenge on the Active Travel Logger. Every participant must register individually and log their trips. Click here for more information »

Can We Earn Bonus Points?

For details on the bonus points available for the challenge this year visit 

Why Don’t I Log Distance Travelled?

Distances aren't logged as we want to make the competition open to as many new, returning and occasional cyclists as possible. If the competition was based solely on distance, club cyclists doing one long cycle at the weekend would leave everyone else in the dust! By making 1 trip = 1 point, the efforts of someone who hasn't cycled for years are appreciated as much as someone who cycles many miles every weekend for leisure. However there is also a prize being offered each week for an individual distance cyclist. If you want to be in with a chance of winning, you will have to record your KMs cycled, you can download this Distance Logger excel sheet (KMs) to keep a record. If you don't know how far your journey is, you can use an app or website to figure that out for you e.g. STrava or Map my Ride We will be sending out a survey monkey link at the end of each week for participants to share their total distance. This will have to be backed up by your record sheet.

Where can I view results?

You can see how you and your team are doing when you log into your Active Travel Logger and go to ‘Team Progress’. On this page, you will see your team average figures to date along with information on Calories burned. Your team's progress will also be shown on the Leaderboards.

What are the Prizes for this event?

Prizes are provided by the National Transport Authority. For further information on prizes, please see the Prizes page.

I don’t have a bike – can I take part?

You could use a Dublin bike, a Coke Zero bike in Cork, Limerick or Galway, a company fleet bike or borrow one from a friend to clock up a few trips.

I’m having technical issues with the website, who do I contact?

Contact with the details of your issue and any error messages you see. Note that you can edit your journey or personal details once you are logged into your Active Travel Logger account.  

We don’t have a new/returning cyclist on our team

To earn bonus point for your team, you must have one person who has not cycled in the past six months on your team. If you can’t find a new or returning cyclist, please contact your company coordinator, as they may be able to match you up with someone. If you don’t know who your company coordinator is, please contact

Are trips entered monitored?

Yes, spot checks are carried out throughout the challenge and the final Leaderboard will be published a few days after the end of the event to allow for a Quality Assurance on the accuracy of the top teams’ entries.



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Prizes and Competitions

Details for the Smarter Travel Workplaces Cycle Challenge 2015 can be viewed on the prizes page.


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