European Cycle Challenge 2017

200 years of cycling later, and cyclists from all Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford signed up for this urban challenge.

 The BIGGEST European Cycling Challenge ran for the entire month of May!!  

In May, cyclists from Dublin cycled almost 60,000kms to come 19th out of 52 European Cities in the European Cycling Challenge. Feedback from participants found that:

  • 63% participated for enjoyment, 52% for exercise
  • 84% were active for at least 30mins before, 97% during
  • The main benefits felt were increased fitness and enjoyed being part of a team. Some comments talked about promoting cycling in the city, the hope for a heat map for all of Ireland to inform transport policy and finding new scenic places not found by driving
  • 5% plan to cycle on a continuous basis now that the challenge is over
  • 5% said that they would take part in the future
Resources for the European Cycle Challenge 2017

Tips about the Cycling365 app


What is the European Cycle Challenge?

The European Cycle Challenge was launched in 2012 by the University of Bologna, and every year since has encouraged cyclists throughout Europe to register their trips throughout the month of May. This year, for only the second time, Dublin was registered for the challenge, and the first time that Limerick has been registered.

The urban cycling challenge is being promoted by Smarter Travel Workplaces initiative.  Its aim is very much aligned to that of Smarter Travel Workplaces, that is of finding ways to encourage alternative choices to the car on some every  trips such as going to work, school or the shops, and in doing so help reduce congestions and CO2 emissions.

The Challenge is open to everyone that cycles in Dublin City or County areas or in Limerick metropolitan Area. We hope that many workplaces will join in the fun, in particular Smarter Travel Workplaces Partner organisations. It runs for all of May!

Happy Days - Intel team 'Les Miserables' celebrating the last day of the challenge 2015

Happy Days – Intel team ‘Les Miserables’ celebrating the last day of the challenge 2015

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