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Commuter Challenge 2018


Week 1 Commuters – all teams who reached the target of an average of 6 commutes 

Week 2 Commuters – all teams who reached the target of an average of 6 commutes

Week 2 Cycle Distance KM leaderboard

Week 2 Step Team Average leaderboard

Week 2 Winners

Commuter Challenge Week 2 winners: Limerick School of Art and Design DJ SOCIETY 2, Limerick Institute of Technology

Week 2 top individual Steppers are:

– Jalil Abdul, Department of Transport Tourism and Sport
– Fergus Ashe, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
– Aine O’Sullivan, Northern Trust
– Colin Maher, ESB
– Tony Connolly, National Maternity Hospital

Week 2 top individual Cyclists are:

– Cezary Bulyka, Oracle EMEA LTD
– Martin McCarthy, Deloitte
– Ross Cadogan, IBM
– Jeremy Canty, Cork County Council
– Astrid Sasse, Trinity College Dublin

Overheard on Public Transport winner: Julie Crawley, Maynooth University

Team photo competition winner: The Hairy Bikers Team, Dublin City University

Week 1 Winners

Week 1 top individual Steppers are:
Week 1 Winners

1. Fergus Ashe, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital

2. Margaret Brindley, University College Dublin

3. Abdul Jalil, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

4. Colin Maher, ESB Group

5. Caroline Nolan, University College Dublin


Week 1 top individual Cyclists are:

1. Astrid, Trinity College Dublin

2. Michael Dalton, ESB

3. John Gilmer, Trinity College Dublin

4. Cezary Bułyka, Oracle EMEA Ltd

5. Jeremy Canty, Cork County Council

View the Week 1 Individual Cycle Distance Competition Leaderboard 


Commuter Challenge Week 1 winners: RODdy, Steady, Go!, Roughan & O’Donovan

Refer a friend competition: Joanne Manahan, Limerick City & County Council & Marlena McKenna, Deloitte

Coordinator pre-registration competition: Christine Murphy & Patrick O’Shea, Roughan & O’Donovan

Like & share on Facebook competition: Mary Davern, Marian McKibbin, Edel Ronan McGrath, Claire Burke & Amy Lee Bennett

Week 1 team Photo Competition: SAP Support, ESB

Public Transport Tuesday competition: Peter Henry, UCD

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