Commuter Challenge Nominations & Stories

Commuter Challenge Stories

We have included a sample of some of the stories that we received below. Happy reading!

Taking part in the Commuter Challenge has been a blast! I remember reading the first promotional email about the challenge and thinking what a big undertaking it might be but I was wrong – it was a lot easier once we got started. We set a team up in our UCC office and had lots of fun thinking up a witty team name. We settled on ‘University Challenge’ to represent ourselves. We discussed how we will reboot our commutes and encouraged each other to get going. Some team members decided to take public transport instead of driving, others decided to start cycling to work or walking more. Making these positive lifestyle changes really invigorated us and had a positive impact within the office environment. We have been discussing our healthy commutes every day and congratulating each other on another day of 10,000 steps! As team captain, I’ve enjoyed sending ‘motivation quotes’ to my team as a bit of a laugh and fostering a sense of teamwork between us all. Personally, I’ve been cycling to and from work almost every day of this challenge and notice that I feel fitter and healthier. There have been days when I’ve woken up and it’s raining outside and I don’t feel like riding – but then I think of the challenge and of the team and I get up and go for it! I have felt a great sense of satisfaction and achievement on those days when I’ve cycled to work no matter what the weather! Equally it has been a real pleasure to cycle into work on the sunny autumn mornings and take in the colours of autumn in all their glory. Getting outside and exercising in the mornings certainly wakes me up and I feel more alert and work ready 4when I get into the office. It certainly beats being stuck in your car in traffic staring at the tail lights in front of you and watching the clock with frustration… Thank you for this challenge, it definitely has been lots of fun and has left a lasting effect of choosing the healthier commute options from now on.” Rachel Knox, University College Cork

My commute used to be a 2 hour nightmarish, gruelling car drive from the midlands to Clontarf. I swapped over to a regional coach service that would take my bike in the luggage compartment. Kearns Transport have been amazing, offering a highly reliable and frequent bus service at brilliant value. The cycling part of my trips has ensured I will never go back to the car again. It can be tough in the weather. But the benefits out weigh this as I am fitter in body and soul and can stop to take in the sights. You can’t do this in a car.” Ciarán Mooney, Oracle

I live in a village not served by  public transport options so during the Challenge I re-discovered the joy of walking (part of the way) to work. On most mornings I parked my car on Lee Rd and walked from there, about 35-40 minutes to City Hall. My journey took me along the riverbank path, far away from traffic, and then through Fitzgerald’s Park before emerging onto the Mardyke. This meant that I was almost halfway through my walk without traffic, just the sound of the river flowing by and the singing of the birds – what a fabulous way to start the day! From the Mardyke it’s easy enough to go via quiet streets for the rest of my journey. I arrived at work feeling wide awake, invigorated and ready for the day.Anita Lenihan, Cork City Council

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