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Announcing the 2016 Step Challenge!

Posted on 11/07/16 at 11:51

From September 12th through October 9th!

This September we are looking forward to stepping it out once again, and we are delighted to be introducing some team spirited, fun and inclusive changes that have followed from previous feedback.

Changes include:

  • The launch of a new Smarter Travel Step Counter for our this September’s challenge. The app will be free to download, and will count steps on Android and iOS devices – but that’s not all, it will also sync your steps with your team’s on the Active Travel Logger! We’ll have a limited number of pedometers available to purchase too.
  • A new Best Improvers Leaderboard in addition to the Overall and Desk-based Leaderboards. Plus in the spirit of inclusiveness, each week there will be a random draw from the Top 100 on each Leaderboard (which includes best improvers) for a goody bag!
  • A new Smarter Travel app will be available to record and download your steps. If you still prefer to use a pedometer, we have that covered too. Pedometers will also be available from all participating workplace as usual.
  • And at the end of the challenge, in addition to prizes for teams at the top of each of the three leaderboards, teams with enough steps clocked up will also be entered into one of the prize draws (one for each leaderboard: overall, desk-based and best improvers), and
  • We also have the usual weekly team photos and best story/poem competitions.
  • Coordinators Information Seminar – as we’re changing the name, the leaderboards, the step counter and the logging system this year, we’re asking all participating organisations to attend the Coordinators Information Seminar. It will be available by webex, so no need to travel. We’ll be in touch with details shortly.

So it’s all up for grabs, and as it’s kicking off on September 12th, why not start thinking about forming a team!